Sturo Metal ensures to manufacture quality products within the prescribed delays by joining together a remarkable team of experts with the appropriate technologies.

The experience acquired, over the last 40 years, in the manufacturing of structures and in the heavy metals processing has made of Sturo Metal a partner of choice.

The manufacturing team consists of a competent and detail-oriented staff. Constantly proactive, Sturo Metal keeps an inventory of raw materials that can meet the company’s high performance requirements in regard to manufacturing its products.

The factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology equipment. This facilitates the fabrication process of the steel structures of every nature and size, and ensures on-time delivery.

Sturo Metal is, without a doubt, soundly equipped to answer the most various needs of its customers on the local market and abroad.

In addition to our production capacity designed for the conventional steel structures, our specialized equipments allow us to manufacture:

  • Wrought-metal structures and heavy fabricated metals such as conveyor systems, waste grids, racking, etc.;
  • Heavy fabricated steel parts such as prefabricated concrete formwork, grandstand formwork, assembly components, skips for gravel, cement or mines.
  • Engineering structures such as footbridges, bridges and docks.

These few listed elements show the minimal outreach competencies and know-how of Sturo Metal team.