50 years of versatility and audacity

Founded in 1972, Sturo Metal has become an expert in the fabrication and in the installation of steel-framed structures and structural steel components, as well as heavy fabricated metals. Sturo Metal specializes in the manufacturing of steel structures for commercial, industrial, institutional or mining purpose.

Sturo Metal expertise covers either conventional construction projects or more complex and bold architectural concept.

Over the years, Sturo Metal has gained a reputation for being able to respect and to perform with great precision, the technical specifications of each request.  The excellent coordination, that demonstrates Sturo Metal team in all stages of production and manufacturing, allows for delivering to the site the produced materials in a timely manner.

The company is well established in Canada, and serves the United States, mainly the region of New England. The constant growth of the company shows the ability to fabricate quality materials and to deliver its products on time to the site. Sturo Metal is among the companies that deliver more than just steel, and this, within the prescribed timetable. In a world where cost-efficiency is highly linked to sound project management, our presence is a value added feature.