Over 45 years ago, Sturo Metal took the firm commitment that it will distinguish itself by offering quality manufacturing and on-time delivery.

Today, this commitment is what distinguishes the company in the steel product processing industry, and this, in the province of Quebec and elsewhere.

Sturo Metal designs steel-framed and heavy steel structures meant for projects built in Northern Region of Quebec, elsewhere in Quebec, across Canada, in New England and even in other export markets.

Sturo Metal reputation of excellence is based on their mastery of the following expertise:

  • Keep track of development in materials, manufacturing skills and construction techniques, which evolve year after year;
  • Assessment of industry precise needs, for each sector or geographic market;
  • Efficient shipment management, allowing construction sites to receive the materials as planned, even if, for logistic reasons, Sturo Metal is responsible for erecting the building.

Several projects completed by Sturo Metal have earned an award from The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). If these awards delight the team, their greatest pride is to see the satisfaction of customers.