An order book yearly increasing confirms that Sturo Metal manufacturing capacity has never ceased to grow.

The last five years have marked a turning point for Sturo Metal.  The company now offers a production capacity of 9 000 tons of steel transformed annually.

Driven forward by this growth, Sturo Metal has doubled its production surface and modernized its factory to sustain the constant increase in its production.  These improvements allows for larger inventory, for quicker organization of the manufacturing process, and for great precision when manufacturing products.

These improvements includes, among others, the addition of a new lifting and hoisting equipments, the acquisition of a high tech drill line, an Angleline as well as a plasma cutting table.

These equipments were added to a wide variety of heavy duty presses and cutting equipments necessary to the production of specific components, such as a submerged arc welder. Many lifting equipments allow us to manipulate the heaviest pieces, up to 20 tons, from their start-up to the loading for shipment.

Sturo Metal has also revamped the image of its establishment by constructing new and more functional offices.