Experience often makes a big difference on any company success. Especially with respect to on-time delivery to the site or renovation or expansion work which must be carried out without affecting ongoing operations activities.

Sturo Metal masters all the projects components, from the manufacturing of the optimized product up to logistics and assembly processes. A specific expertise is often needed in these projects.


Commercial Sector

Our team is highly experienced in the field of construction, renovation and expansion of retail businesses, supermarkets and large commercial surfaces.

Industrial Sector

Sturo Metal’s industrial portfolio counts around fifty completed projects. Its knowledge of the processes puts it in top position for all the manufacturing plant and warehouse projects, for every nature and size of the installation.

Institutional Sector

The institutional projects often include bold architectural features that require high precision execution.  Each year, Sturo Metal is involved in various public and private projects, and in constructions of all types or size such as multi-story buildings.  The company is also involved in cultural and sports complexes, casinos, schools, fire stations projects and other such constructions.

Heavy Metal Working

Sturo Metal’s know-how is increasingly relied upon for the fabrication of products needing stowing of the art and of the technique. Well-known for their multiple skills, Sturo Metal team supply to customers the technical support required to overcome any challenge and to ensure project success.